Opinion: SA needs a plan of action for rollout of gas

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The Goverment has approved an LPG strategy but it is light on the details of how to address constraints. The approval of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) rollout strategy by the cabinet has the potential to be an important turning point in addressing SA’s energy crisis. However, while the strategy provides a useful overview

Ignorance of LPG energy will literally leave us cold

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Switching to gas for cooking and heating can immdiately reduce the likelihood of load shedding, among other benefits. July hit South Africa like a hurricane in succession with violence and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, a series of cold fronts that brought extreme cold and even snow in parts of the country and, as

Gas terminal quake-safe

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Sunrise Energy can confirm that, although tremors were detected near the natural gas terminal at Saldanha Bay, following the 3,5-magnitude earthquake Tuesday (17 November), continues to operate safely at full capacity.

Saldanha earthquake no great shake

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19 NOVEMBER 2020: SALDANHA EARTHQUAKE NO GREAT SHAKE FOR LOCAL SUNRISE ENERGY GAS TERMINAL Sunrise Energy can confirm that, although tremors were detected near its liquid natural gas terminal at Saldanha Bay as a result of the 3,5-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, the facility continues to safely operate at full capacity. Completed in 2017, the

Sunrise Energy seeks urgent interdict against highly risky gas offloading at Saldanha Port

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5 NOVEMBER 2020: SUNRISE ENERGY SEEKS URGENT INTERDICT AGAINST HIGHLY RISKY GAS OFFLOADING AT SALDANHA PORTToday, Sunrise Energy approached KwaZulu Natal High Court (Durban) in an urgent interdict application aimed at preventing Avedia Energy from conducting its highly risky Ship to Truck off-loading of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) at the Saldanha Bay port. The court

Transnet warned of a Beirut-style explosion at Port of Saldanha Bay

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1 SEPTEMBER 2020: HEARING THIS WEEK IN BID TO RESOLVE DISPUTE ON HANDLING OF FLAMMABLE LPG An energy company backed by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has warned state-owned freight transport and logistics company Transnet that the way the competitor has been offloading liquified petroleum gas (LPG) could result in a possible Beirut-style explosion at


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