Art Official

‘Art is a glance into the soul of the artist’

Johann Jooste

Art Official Gallery was born out of a wide range of gifts, skills, talents, and expertise with a generous portion of good
old fashion ‘follow your gut with passion’.
In our dealings with Art and Antiques, it was only the most natural step to make it official. Hence the birth of Art Official Gallery.

JOHANN’s creativity, flair for colour & texture composition and an innate eye for balance started at a very young age. He comes from a background of Decor, Art and Display. His skills and expertise as an award-winning Fashion designer, Hair and Make-up Artist served him well in his career in the film industry.

As the director of Spot-on Decorating, some of his Interior decorating projects has also featured in prominent magazines.

His artist’s philosophy when creating a master piece is that there are only two ways of putting things together. 
It has to be either “a PERFECT MATCH or a GOOD CLASH”.

As an artist himself, he does not focus on one specific medium, but rather prefers working with the diversity and unpredictability of different mediums. His creativity was never designed to fit into any proverbial “box”.

As art reflects and creates the world we live in, it became a fascination we simply could not resist or live without!
But what would all this beauty and splendor mean if not shared with you?

One undeniable excitement of our art journey in discovering exceptional art and artists, is that we often come across gems of new, young and unknown artists. All of which makes a welcome and generous contribution to our collection.

Our passion is to present these exceptional pieces of art to you while at the same time introducing you to excellent long term Investment Art that also enhances your life and contributes to your daily happiness.

After completing his studies in Social Sciences up to M.A. level, ETIENNE found and managed his successful property consultancy in East London. He has a natural gift for marketing & advertising.

This landed him the winning position of several national awards in this field. He has always had an affinity for art and this facination put him on a journey of becoming a private collector.

After ETIENNE sold his successful property consultancy he had the freedom to explore his long found affinity and passion for art. This also opened up endless avenues to expand his private collection.

It is now your turn to afford us the opportunity to help you grow your art portfolio.